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Bruce Cooke Designs

Bruce Cooke Designs

About Bruce

Bruce Cooke smartly dressed smiling at the camera

I’m neck-deep in the user experience designer alphabet soup of: UX, UI, IA, RWD, a little QA, a whole lot of CSS and HTML standards and am refining my design thinking skills. Designing with the customer’s goals first and coding by hand, I like to be with the projects at the beginning, concepting with business all the way through tweaking edge cases with QA.

Citi Star Award

Citi has many internal accolades to reward hard work. I am honored to have been awarded one of the more regionally prestigious, the Citi Star Award. I was nominated by my team and am humbled by their kind words. I’ve included it here, unedited, as a referral of sorts in the hopes it gives you an idea of how I work.

“Bruce is a rock star! The Costco design team (and project team overall) is so lucky to have him on board as our engineer who cranks out visuals, flats and prototypes at the speed of light. Each piece he’s worked on has been extremely complex and demand his thorough attention to detail and dissection to create the best possible user design for our customers. Bruce often goes the extra mile by working code into his designs. This has greatly improved efficiency by saving the back-end development team weeks of work when it arrives on their plates. He’s been praised for his attention to detail and willingness to work insanely long hours to ensure the best design possible is produced. His determination to make the visuals as outstanding as they can be has helped stakeholders see the design team’s visions clearly which in turn allows for quicker feedback and speedy iteration.”